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Our Journey

We Are Committed to Your Success

When our founders brought wood-spot to life in 2020, We operated at a relatively humble scale. We knew that by carrying extremely high quality products and offering them at reasonable prices, they could help the people of Alberta to heat their houses or for a cozy campfire.

Today, our company operates out of an acreage at Half moon lake estates and has been working for the satisfaction of our clients for many years to come.  As we continue to expand our boundaries, we will remain committed to maintaining the same neighbourly warmth that got us here. As the CEO and founder of woodspot, I am a 16 year old high school student in which created this company to pay for future education. If you would like to make a purchase or check out stock please text to Zach@ (780)  991 5553. We greatly appreciate the support!

Spring Forest
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Whats a cord?

1 cord of firewood is 128 cubic ft , or 4 ft by 4 ft by 8 ft of completely seasoned and stacked firewood. At woodspot you can place an order of up too 6 cords of any firewood we have available! text (780) 991 5553 to get a quote today!

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